not exactly haiku

So, you have written several haiku, senryu, or tanka. Maybe you have a collection of haiga. Now what? You can publish them in a book but, really, smart phone apps are where people are spending a lot of their time and these Japanese inspired forms are well-suited for the small screen. I converted my senryu book 'not exactly haiku' into an iPhone/iPad app and can do the same for you. I can also create an Android version.

Please download my app not exactly haiku to get a sense of what you'll get.

Basic app package for $200 + $5/yr:
  • - cover page with 3 menu items (Favorite, Contents, More…)
  • - one author page
  • - 20 pages (screens and menu similar to 'not exactly haiku'
  • - ability to mark each page as favorite and email and tweet the text content
  • - a "more" page with six buttons, one of which links to the author page and five which can link to any url.
  • - The yearly Fee of$5/year keeps the app in the online store.

Additional Customizations:
  • - static screens, $3/page: screens and menu similar to 'not exactly haiku'.
  • - dynamic screens, $TBD: customized screens with buttons, etc.

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